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Gone are the days where people need to stay up all night just to watch your favourite television show, today people are given the option to watch TV shows online.

In the past you would need to record the latest episode of Friends, Whose Line is it anyway? Or other top television shows if you by any chance are at work and not able to go home on time.

The internet age has changed everything; it has paved the way for new ways for people to enjoy television and movies with less hassle.

Netflix is one of the world’s leading internet television networks, it was able to get the trust of over 40 million subscribers all over the world and it is able to provide billions of hours of TV shows and movies per month including original series.

For a low monthly cost, Netflix subscribers are allowed to watch TV shows online for as long as they could and almost anywhere just as long as they are connected to the internet.

What makes Netflix different from cable television?

Netflix is better than traditional cable viewing due to the fact that the subscribers pause the show anytime they want and then resume watching and best of all there are no commercials.

How to sign up?

In order to get this wonderful technology, clients will sign up for a subscription using the company website. Netflix is compatible with a range of devices like PC’s, laptops, Mac’s and TVs using a number of devices.

Clients would be able to watch on the PC or Mac by simply logging on their account and selecting a TV episode or movie.

After watching members are allowed to rate the movies as well as the TV show in order to serve as a guide for other subscribers. In doing so members are given ample information on which shows are the best.

Netflix has made it easier to subscribe to some of the best television shows and has revolutionized the way people enjoy their TV shows as well as movies.